"I was having a lot of cramps in my calves and quads before the treatments.  I was very happy with the care I received.  They explained all the procedures they would perform and how it would affect me.  My wife was very happy also with the explanations.  She felt very comfortable with the procedures that would be performed on me.  The feeling after having treatments and wearing the support socks was fantastic!  The amount of cramping I had experienced prior was down to just a couple a month instead of a couple a day.  I could not believe the difference the treatments made.  I also could not believe how good my legs looked.  It was great not to see anymore veins protruding from my legs.  I would recommend their services to my friends and family"  - Bruce S

"My legs hurt to walk long distances and stand for a long period of time.  Dr. Garcia and the staff of VeinsPlus worked with my schedule and helped me not take time off work.  I would recommend them to my family and friends.  Everyone is great at the office, friendly, and caring.  After having treatments, my legs are doing well."   - Deb S

"My varicose veins hurt, more when they were touched.  Dr. Garcia and the staff were very good and caring and explained things.  Dr. Garcia was very thoughtful for telling me to call his number if I had any trouble.  My legs look a lot better without the big veins and without them hurting.  I would recommend them."   - Pam J

"My legs felt heavy and ached after standing for an 8 hour shift.  The care I received from Dr. Garcia and the staff was excellent!  I should've done this a lot sooner!  I loved the way Dr. Garcia took the time to explain every aspect.  Great attitude.  His staff is wonderful!  Loved the girls!  They put you at ease about the procedure.  After my treatments, my legs feel Great! and look wonderful!  I still have some spider veins that I need to have treated, but these are nothing compared to how they looked before my procedure.  Best thing I did was to come to VeinsPlus.  I already have recommended their services to quite a few women at work.  One of them has already come in to see you and was very pleased!"   - S. S.

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